Drop The Mirror, And Grab The Steering Wheel!

Imagine your life is like a road trip. Youve packed, you have your bottled water and snacks handy, youve consulted the map and, after much deliberation, youve picked your desired destination. You turn up the radio, and off you go. Minute, hours, days, and years go by. Soon, youve gone through all of your snacks and most of your water. Youve spent a kings ransom on gas and car maintenance, collected an impressive collection of road scarsdings, dents, and flat tiresyet somehow the scenery looks the same. You keep consulting the now dog-eared map, but it isnt matching the territory your driving through. Everything just looks so familiar.


Let me make a suggestion. Look at your hands as you are driving, and make sure that you are not confusing the rear-view mirror for the steering wheel. The practice is not as uncommon as it seems. Ask yourself, how many times have you found yourself in the same situation over and over? How many times have you found yourself dating, or even marrying the 강남룸 same kind of person, with the same annoying idiosyncrasies? How many times have you found yourself making the same choices, the same mistakes, and the same parade of life...

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