Sierra Leone Casinos

The situation with Sierra Leone’s casinos is much as you would expect in a dirt 배팅사이트 poor, grossly unequal, country just recovering from a devastating civil war. It is not exactly the most welcoming of tourist destinations, but still a place with a casino, and as the end of the war has raised hopes of improving that tourist industry, more on the way.

The country was founded by the British (at least, the modern version of the country was) as a place to return those slaves who had fought for them in the American Revolution. This was driven by much the same impulse that led the Americans themselves to found the country next door, Liberia, fifty years later. It also led to exactly the same problems 150 years later, for the returning freed slaves set themselves up as the ruling class and essentially lorded it over the indigenous tribes. In both countries, this led to vicious (and interlinked) civil wars in the 1990’s, which have only just been resolved. The countries are slowly returning to some form of normality.

Sierra Leone has had a further problem in that much of the wealth there was earned by the mining of gold and diamonds: this has led to the...

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