Starting Your Own Computer Repair Business

You have a passion for working on a computer and you like fixing computer problems. Time to open your own computer repair business right? Well… Make sure you have good answers for the following questions.

How badly do you want it? Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. You’ll work lots of hours for lots of months before you’ll be making a good living. You’ll also have to go out and make lots of sales calls and endure some less than nice people in the process. If you have the stomach and the guts to push through that, you are on the right path, read on.

Once you’ve determined that you are serious about this business thing, you’ll need to make sure you have enough money to do it right. Remember that most people underestimate the amount of money it will take to run a business. It’s easy to think that you won’t need much but consider some basic costs. You’ll need some money for computer parts. You’ll most likely need either a cell phone and a landline phone or both. You’ll need to consider expenses like gas for your vehicle and some advertising 레깅스룸 expenses that will cover at least a basic form...

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