Trap Those Sticky Fingers With Video Security

Youve hired a stunning blond to tend the bar. Customer traffic increased since she mixed the first drinks. But why are you worried? Is your bombshell bartender giving away free 카지노사이트 drinks? Youll never know without a video security recording.

Theres a crowd but is the money flowing in?

Every night you see a happy crowd in your resto bar. As early as four in the afternoon, people from nearby workplaces troop to the bar to get a drink or two, or have an early supper of your famous lamb chops and Sloppy Joes. When the night is over, theres little in the till and youre beginning to wonder because you have no video security cameras to tell you anything.

A problem like this is common in restaurants, but the 토토일보 trouble is not only confined to the bar but to the kitchen as well. Youve got to keep an eye on customers too because they are easy prey to walk-in snatchers.

The security cameras thatll work for you

Security cameras installed at the bar, kitchen, front door, and other entryways will keep track of whats going on in real-time recording. You can rewind and trace back through the recording to find out what really happened at the bar and check out the...

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