How to Cold Call with Integrity – The way we’ve

How to Cold Call with Integrity – The way we’ve always wanted to do cold calling!

You probably never tell potential clients your real goal in calling them, but you dont need to. Theyre already aware, because were all sensitive when the phone rings and it turns out to be someone we dont know.

In the old traditional training, we learned the latest techniques for making a sale. We talk to “prospects” rather than with people. And we “guide” conversations along rather than letting them unfold naturally.

The way we do this sometimes might even be called a bit manipulative. After all, mlb중계 were relating to another person while holding an ulterior motive of making a sale.

Where does honesty and integrity fit into this scenario? Well, most of us honestly believe in our product or service. But beyond that, we carry a somewhat artificial persona when were cold calling. We talk with people for the primary purpose of making a sale, and were not really interested in them or their world.

Doesnt this make you feel uneasy at times? It does to me.

So lets discuss some ways weve been trained in the traditional sales...

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